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Loki is a murderer. He cut off the hair of Thor's wife, Sif, but then replaced it, he tricked a giant into building the defensive walls of Asgard, stole Freyja's necklace, helped Thor rescue his hammer Mjolnir, gave the goddess Iðunn to a giant, then rescued her, etc. Now, Thor wasn’t cruel and it’s not like he wanted Loki to die not all the time atleast, it’s just that each time Loki would come to him for help like this, Thor would have to generally go out at 3 am to pick roots or kill a dragon or something tedious like that and he was just so tired right now. Descubre ideas sobre Thor X Loki. Thor & kid Loki Marvel comics Cr: せぴ. Thor X Loki Parejas De Marvel Loki Laufeyson Universo Marvel. Kid Loki and Kid Thor Marvel Summary Despite Asgard's victory against Jotunheim, Queen Frigga remains cold in her sorrow after the loss of her second son, unable to care for Thor and blaming her husband for chaining her to Asgard as it's Queen. 29/09/2012 · Okay I have really gotten into the Thor and Loki comics as of late and love the series "Journey into Mystery" where Loki is reborn from a villain of mischief to a kid again with Thor sorta raising him, the set up is to perfect for something like this and very believable as Kid Loki tends to get himself into lots of mischief.

22/11/2019 · Inspired by that one popular Deadpool post from forever ago! I may be cheating because I’m technically including multiple incarnations, but they all “count” as him in some way- no alternate universes or timelines- so shaddup. The distinctions between them obviously matter, but not for the. The Avengers: Raising Kid Loki Fanfiction. Something's happened to Loki! He's no longer an adult, but a 10-year-old boy, with no memory of the Destroyer, New York, or anything pertaining to his evil actions! Thor brings him to earth to be raised with the Avengers in Stark Tower, hoping tha.

16/12/2019 · Not the avengers!! Some podunk star scientists out in the middle of nowhere on an extended camping trip like!! Whilst loki was painting his nails to match his cufflinks, thor was studying foreign languages as he benchpressed heimdall. Thor isnt your garden variety jock he’s a bookworm jock, easily found stargazing or doodling in his moleskin. Loki then goes into a metaphorical space, where Old Loki and Kid Loki are, telling him that they will not be able to change his story. Verity then calls them, telling Loki that because King Loki didn't recognize her, an alternate future is already unfolding.

Al mover la tabla de tiempos por unos pocos años, el Rey Loki podría matar a Thor mientras todavía destruye con éxito la Tierra. [84] Loki luego entra en un espacio metafórico, donde están Viejo Loki y Kid Loki, diciéndole que no podrá cambiar su historia. Kid Loki fanfiction loosely based on Journey into Mystery comics. I do not own these characters, Marvel does, and I am just a huge fan. This is my twist on what would happen if the recent Marvel/Avengers movies were mixed together with the Kid Loki fanlore.

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