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SOLVEDCylinder 1 misfire on a Ford Taurus SHO.

1997 Ford Taurus Cylinder 1 Misfire was created by bentaurus 2 months ago the code comes back and disappears the next day after gassing up. I figured it was because it was low on gas. 14/06/2010 · Cylinder 1 and 6 misfire 4 Answers. I have a 2000 Ford Taurus se 3.0l ohv I replaced spark plugs, wires, fuel injectors, alternator, coil pack and after about two three months it has a misfire on cylinder 1 and 6 so after weeks of tr.

I have a 2002 Taurus and I'm getting a code for cylinder misfire on 1. I've changed the plugs and wires. It stutters in low rpms and even as the car is in park. Hi all, I have a 2007 ford taurus and I recently had a mechanic come to my place to work on the vehicle. I am getting a P0301 Cylinder 1 misfire error code on my 2000 Ford Taurus. The car only has 50,000 miles on it. The - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic. 17/08/2013 · Hello, I am having an issue with a misfire on cylinder 1 on my 2004 Ford Taurus V6. I receive the following codes: P0301 P0316 When the problem started the car would occasionally shutter just slightly on take off but it did not throw any codes. 08/10/2010 · 2003 Ford Taurus cylinder misfire 1 and 5 code came up and 1st 1000 misfire. car is running very rough. car cant accelerate good. check engine light is flashing. also rotten egg smell. How do you fix a cylinder 5 misfire on a 2000 Ford Taurus? Answer. Wiki User April 24, 2012 2:56PM. Several systems can lead to an issue the computer interprets as a Cylinder 5 misfire. On a 2000 Ford Taurus: firewall 1-----2-----3 4-----5-----6 front of vehicle > driver Asked in Ford Taurus What does p0303 code mean on 1998 Ford Taurus?

07/08/2016 · 02 Ford Taurus Cylinder 1 misfire code with DPFE low voltage code 3 Answers. I have an 02 Ford Taurus with the "U" engine that has been acting up ever since i started driving it again. I retreived the codes when i first started to have problems with it and they turned out t. I have a 2001 Taurus. It had a cylinder 1 misfire. Changed the plug wire with a good cylinder, did not help. Then - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic. 13/05/2015 · 2000 Taurus misfire on cylinder 1. The car is a 00 Ford Taurus 3.0 flex fuel. 84,000 miles. Bought the car about 6 months ago and it ran great. It was a well taken care of car. When I started to use it it ran great all the time but then I noticed that if you didn't warm it. 12/08/2011 · 2000-2007 Ford Taurus & Mercury Sable 4th Generation If you shop atfor anything, use this link to support ! 2003 1 CYLINDER MISFIRE.

  1. P0301 is a very common OBDII trouble code that appears in the Ford Taurus. It stands for: P0301: Cylinder 1 → Misfire Detected. P0301 should be considered a cause for concern, and can be a threat to the drivability the Ford Taurus.
  2. 2001 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Automatic 44555 miles Paid $100 to have car analyzed. Said ignition coil, wire set, spark plug not meeting specifications. Car is firing on 5 rather than 6 cyclinders. Dealer wants about $2400 to fix. Have 44,993 miles on car. Spent $300 just having it.
  3. 08/01/2009 · I have a 1997 Ford taurus sho and cylinder 1 has a misfire I swaped the ignition coil from cylinder 2 to 1 and the cylinder on 1 still is the one misfiring so the problem is not in the coil.
  4. What is a cylinder 1 misfire in 2001 Ford Taurus? Answer. Wiki User January 02, 2017 12:52AM. Number 1 cylinder is not firing properly probably a bad coil pack or a bad coil depending on the engine. Related Questions. Asked in Ford Taurus, OBD Diagnostic Codes.

What is a cylinder 1 misfire in 2001 Ford Taurus

09/10/2014 · Vehicle had a code P0301 cylinder 1 misfire. This video shows a easy way to test the coil. Vehicle had a code P0301 cylinder 1 misfire. 2001 Ford Taurus P0301 Misfire 854x4. Loading. Unsubscribe from 854x4? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. 03/12/2010 · Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable, Ford Taurus SHO So this '02 Taurus with only 87k miles on her starts right up every time multiple times a day except for twice in the last 3 weeks. The first time was 3 weeks ago and the second was today. P0301 FORD Tech Notes The P0301 code means that the cylinder 1 is misfiring or is randomly misfiring. Start by checking for intake leaks and if no leaks are found the next step is to replace the spark plugs on cylinder 1. Cylinder 1 and 6 misfire 4 Answers. I have a 2000 Ford Taurus se 3.0l ohv I replaced spark plugs, wires, fuel injectors, alternator, coil pack and after about two three months it has a misfire on cylinder 1 and 6 so after weeks of tr. 2002 Ford Taurus 3.0L EFI 6cyl. misfire on Cylinder 1 and front 2 bank 1 O2 sensors showing codes as well. My friend's '02 Taurus has had this issue for a while, apparently, and he finally had a day to try and figure out whats wrong with it.

03/05/2012 · 2001 Ford Taurus 3.0 Liter EFI. 2001 Taurus Misfires on Cyl. 1,2,3: Sign In 2001 Ford Taurus 3.0 Liter EFI. 3 drive cycles and the engine light went off. Later came on again. Codes indicated misfire on Cyl 1,2,3. Replaced plugs, wires and coil pack -> Misfire reduced to Cyl. 1 & 2. 02/01/2010 · 2001 Ford Taurus Cylinder 1 misfire repeatedly?. How to do a AC compressor bypass on a 2006 Ford Taurus. ? is it possible to take a 1977 ford 460, and build a 429? Where is the transmission oil cooler on a 2003 ford expedition 5.4? Is my mileage too high for my car.

23/01/2018 · The 2011 Ford Taurus has 1 problems reported for engine misfires. Average repair cost is $2,400 at 58,000 miles. P0301 indicates misfire at no.1 cylinder-check the sparkplug, compression and injector for this cyl. Misfires can be caused by worn or fouled spark plugs, a weak spark weak coil, bad spark plug wire, loss of compression, vacuum leaks, anything that causes an unusually lean fuel mixture lean misfire, an EGR valve that is stuck open, dirty. 19/07/2013 · Cylinder 4,5,6 misfire on a 2001 ford taurus? What couls cause misfire on 4,5,6 cylinder on 2001 ford taurus. Answer Save. 5 Answers. Relevance. catmandew. Lv 7. 7 years ago. Favorite Answer. 0 1 0. Brent. Lv 7. 7 years ago.

Engine misfire on cylinder 1 2004 Taurus V6 - Ford.

01/11/2007 · I have a 1998 Taurus 12V 3.0L also with P0303, cylinder misfire. I expected fouled plugs 117k mile, probably original, but was surprised to find it very clean and similar to other cylinders. This engine prior to my purchase appears to have been overheated, and I wonder if I have a burned exhaust valve or cracked cylinder. Ford - Taurus:: 2000 - Check Engine Light Came One - Misfire In Cylinders 1 And 3 Sep 16, 2014 I have an old 2000 Ford Taurus that has been having some misfire issues. Puedes encontrar este tutorial en inglés aquí: How to Diagnose Misfire Codes Ford 3.0L, 3.8L en. ¿Qué Es Una Falla De Encendido Misfire? Cuando falla uno a varios de los 6 cilindros de tu carro o mini-van. se dice que el carro está con una falla misfire. Troubleshooting a misfire also known as an engine miss can be a challenge since so many different things can cause one. Although a misfire will usually light up the check engine light, on your OBD II equipped Ford vehicle, this is not an absolute truth, and this is what makes finding the root cause of the misfire.

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